Definition : Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning “quick” or “fast”
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What does Wiki mean?

Wiki (pronounce: we-key) is a piece of server software that allows multiple users to create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wikipedia is one of the most popular wikis on the web.
The very first Wiki software was called WikiWikiWeb which was developed by Ward Cunningham in 1994. Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning “fast” or “quick” in English. Ward Cunningham, upon his first visit to Hawaii, was informed by an airport employee that he needed to take the WIKI WIKI bus between the air port’s terminals. Not understanding what the person was telling him, he inquired further and found out “wiki” means “quick” in Hawaiian, and wiki wiki implies very quick. Later, Cunningham was looking for a suitable name for his new web platform.
The name WIKI WIKI inspired Ward Cunningham to call his new web platform WikiWikiWeb. WikiWikiWeb was later called wiki because Cunningham’s first implementation of WikiWikiWeb named the original CGI script “wiki”; all lower case and abbreviated in the standard Unix fashion.
Thus, the first wiki URL was People latched on to this and simply called it “wiki” instead of “Wiki Wiki”.


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