Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide S&P Standard & Poor’s Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide S&P Salt and Pepper Society & Culture » Food & Drink
Worldwide S&P Standards and Practices News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide S&P Soler & Palau Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide S&T Science and Technology Technology » Tech Terms
Worldwide S&T Sales and Trading Business » Banking
Worldwide S&T Surf and Turf Society & Culture » Food & Drink
Worldwide S&T Signal and Telegraph Transport & Travel » Rail Transport
Worldwide S&T Supply & Transport Governmental » Military
Worldwide S-Video Separate Video Technology » Display & Graphics
Worldwide S/o Son of Academic & Science » Language & Linguistics
Worldwide S/O Sold-Out Business » Business Terms
Worldwide S/O Shout-Out Miscellaneous » Chat & Messaging
Worldwide S/O Shipping Order Business » Trade
Worldwide S/O Significant Other Miscellaneous » Chat & Messaging
Worldwide S/O Security Officer Business » Job Titles
Worldwide SA8 Surface Active 8, where 8 represents the eight ingredients in the original formula Business » Products
Worldwide SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Associations & Organizations » Governmental Organizations
Worldwide SaaS Software as a Service Computing » Software & Applications
United Kingdom SAAS Student Awards Agency Scotland Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Australia SAAS South Australian Ambulance Service Governmental » Departments & Agencies
United States SAAS Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
United States SAAS Student African American Sisterhood Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Switzerland SAAS Société Anonyme des Ateliers de Sécheron Business » Companies & Corporations
Australia SAAS Sports Association for Adelaide Schools Associations & Organizations » Educational Organizations