Definition : GuóBiāo/Tuījiàn Chinese [National Standard/Recommended]
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What does GB/T mean?

GB/T is a prefix used in the Chinese national standard system, which stands for "GuoBiao/TuiJian".
GuóBiāo is a Chinese term that means "National Standard", and Tuījiàn (推荐) means "Recommended" in English.
GB standards are Chinese national standards issued by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC).
GB standards are divided into mandatory and recommended standards. Mandatory standards are prefixed “GB”, while recommended standards are prefixed “GB/T”
GB/T charging standard refers to the national standard for electric vehicle charging in China. The standard, officially known as GB/T 20234, specifies the technical requirements and testing methods for the charging interface of electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of GB/T?

The full form of GB/T is GuóBiāo/Tuījiàn

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What is the full form of GB/T in China?



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