Definition : nanobarn
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What does nb mean?

Nanobarn (nb) is a unit of cross-sectional area.

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Worldwide NB Nota Bene
[Note Well]
Academic & Science
Language & Linguistics
Worldwide NB New Balance
Companies & Corporations
Worldwide Nb Niobium
Academic & Science
Canada NB New Brunswick
Postal Codes
Worldwide NB Neuroblastoma
Diseases & Conditions
Nigeria NB Nigerian Breweries
Companies & Corporations
Denmark NB Sterling Airlines
Transport & Travel
Airline Codes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of nb in Units?

The full form of nb is nanobarn

What are the full forms of nb in Academic & Science?

Nota Bene | Niobium | nanobarn

What are the full forms of nb in Worldwide?

Nota Bene | New Balance | Niobium | Neuroblastoma | nanobarn

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