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What does Nb mean?

Niobium (symbol : Nb), formerly known as Columbium, is a soft and ductile metal with atomic number 41. The name Niobium is from the Greek word "Niobe", meaning “daughter of Tantalus” in Greek mythology. The name reflects the Niobium similarity with Tantalum in the periodic table. Tantalum is from the Greek word Tantalus meaning "father of Niobe".

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of Nb in Chemistry?

The full form of Nb is Niobium

What are the full forms of Nb in Academic & Science?

Nota Bene | Niobium | nanobarn

What are the full forms of Nb in Worldwide?

Nota Bene | New Balance | Niobium | Neuroblastoma | nanobarn


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