Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
United States D2D Day to Day News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide DA Dopamine Medical » Biochemistry
Worldwide da deca Academic & Science » Units
United States DA Department of the Army Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide DA Domain Authority Computing » Websites
United States DA District Attorney Governmental » Law & Legal
India DA Dearness Allowance Governmental » Departments & Agencies
South Africa DA Democratic Alliance Governmental » Politics
United Kingdom DA Dartford Regional » Postal
Worldwide dA DeviantART Computing » Websites
Philippines DA Department of Agriculture Governmental » Departments & Agencies
United States DA Durham Academy Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting Technology » Communication
United States DAB Defense Acquisition Board Governmental » Security & Defence
Worldwide DAB Daytona Beach International Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Hong Kong DAB Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong Governmental » Politics
Worldwide DAB Diaminobenzidine Academic & Science » Chemistry
United Kingdom DABD Disablement Association of Barking Dagenham Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter Academic & Science » Electronics
Worldwide DAC Development Assistance Committee Associations & Organizations » International Orgaizations
Worldwide DAC Downhill Assist Control Technology » Automotive
India DAC Delivery Authentication Code Business » Business Terms
Worldwide DAC Diamond Anvil Cell Technology » Instruments & Devices
Bangladesh DAC Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United Kingdom DAC Deputy Assistant Commissioner Governmental » Titles