Popularity Country Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide DBS Dibutyl Sebacate Academic & Science » Chemistry
Worldwide DBS Database System Computing » Databases
Worldwide DBS Doctor of Biblical Studies Academic & Science » Academic Degrees
Norway DBS Den Beste Sykkel Business » Companies & Corporations
United Kingdom DBS Durham Business School Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Dominica DBS Dominica Broadcasting Corporation News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide DBS Discbox Slider Technology » General
Worldwide DBS Dealer Business System Computing » Sofware & Applications
United States DBS Death by Stereo Arts » Musical groups
United States DBS Deep Blue Something Arts » Musical groups
Philippines DBS Don Bosco School Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
India DBTL Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Governmental » Policies & Programs
Worldwide DBTL Dibutyltin dilaurate Academic & Science » Chemistry
Finland DBTL Down By The Laituri Regional » Festivals & Events
Japan DBZ Dragon Ball z News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide dBZ Decibels relative to Z Academic & Science » Units
Worldwide DC Direct Current Academic & Science » Electronics
United States DC District of Columbia Regional » States & Districts
Worldwide DC from Detective Comics Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide DC Domain controller Computing » Networking
Worldwide DC Dynamic Contrast Technology » Display & Graphics
India DC Deputy Commissioner Governmental » Titles
Worldwide DC Dublin Core Computing » Internet
Worldwide DC Dendritic Cell Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
India DC Deccan Chronicle News & Entertainment » Journals & Publications