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Definition : Talbot House
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What does Toc H mean?

Talbot House (Toc H or TH) is an international Christian social service organization having its origins at Poperinge in Belgium. Toc H is short for Talbot House, “Toc” was the British Army signaller’s code for T.
Talbot House is named in memory of Lieutenant Gilbert Talbot, son of Edward Talbot (bishop in the Church of England). Talbot House was originally founded as a rest house for soldiers in Poperinge, Belgium during the First World War and became a place where soldiers could meet and relax regardless of rank, an Every-Man’s Club. The founders of Talbot House were Gilbert’s elder brother Neville Talbot and Tubby Clayton (Philip Thomas Byard Clayton, an Anglican clergyman). Later Tubby Clayton founded a Christian youth center, also called Toc H. It developed into an interdenominational association for Christian social service.


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