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What does DIVX mean?

Digital Video Express (DIVX) was a proprietary video rental system developed by Circuit City that required special discs and players to function.
DIVX was designed as an alternative to traditional video rentals.
In order for the system to work the DIVX Player should connect to a telephone line which is used to track the status of the DIVX disk and as a link to the DIVX server for updating account status and other security updates. The user with the DIVX player could then purchase a DIVX disk, a DVD Format Disk from the selected stores which allows them to play the disk for a limit period of 48 hours after this period a continuation fee is levied for further payback.
DIVX disks were not able to playback in normal DVD players due to the encryption systems in DIVX Disk.

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Worldwide DivX named as a paradoy to DIVX system (a video rental system)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of DIVX in Video Rental Systems?

The full form of DIVX is Digital Video Express

What is the full form of DIVX in Technology?

Digital Video Express

What is the full form of DIVX in the United States?

Digital Video Express


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