Definition : the name comes from the buttons on the device, which resembles a group of seeds
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What does BlackBerry mean?

BlackBerry BlackBerry is a line of smartphone devices designed, developed, and marketed by BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM).
Back in 2001, RIM hired a consultancy called Lexicon Branding to find a fitting title for its wireless messaging devices. The company tried different names associated with the word “e-mail”. since consumer research shows that word can increase clients’ blood pressure, they looked for something “more natural, more entertaining and more joyful that might decrease blood pressure.” One of the naming experts at Lexicon noticed that the miniature buttons on RIM older devices resembled a group of seeds. Lexicon began exploring different fruity names like strawberry, melon, etc. The company finally settled on blackberry because the word is pleasing to most ears and the device at the time, was black.