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What does pH mean?

pH is a logarithmic measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions or protons (H+), in a solution. pH value varies in the range of 1 to 14. The pH value of pure water is 7.

The H in pH relates to the Hydrogen ion concentration but the orgin of the p is disputed. pH could mean "Power of Hydrogen” or “Potential of Hydrogen”. It has also been suggested that the "p" stands for:
In German, potenz, meaning "power”.
In French, pouvoir, meaning "power"
In French, puissance, meaning "power"
In Latin, potentia, meaning "power"

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of pH in Chemistry?

The full form of pH is Power/Potential of Hydrogen

What are the full forms of pH in Academic & Science?

Power/Potential of Hydrogen | Precipitation Hardening

What are the full forms of pH in Worldwide?

Power/Potential of Hydrogen | Pulmonary Hypertension | Precipitation Hardening | Philadelphia Chromosome


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