Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Thailand SARL Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link Transport & Travel » Rail Transport
Portugal SARL Sociedade Anónima de Responsabilidade Limitada Business » Business Terms
United States SARL Salem Animal Rescue League Animal Kingdom » Pets & Domesticated
Australia SARL South Australian Rugby League Sports & Games » Rugby
Worldwide SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Medical » Diseases & Conditions
South Africa SARS South African Revenue Service Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Germany SARS Schweres Akutes Respiratorisches Syndrom Medical » Diseases & Conditions
France SARS Syndrome Respiratoire Aigu Sévère Medical » Diseases & Conditions
United Kingdom SARS Suffolk Accident Rescue Service Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
United Kingdom SaRS Safety and Reliability Society Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide SARS Sacral Anterior Root Stimulator Medical » Instruments & Equipment
Worldwide SARS Society of Academic and Research Surgery Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
Serbia SARS Sveže Amputirana Ruka Satrijanija Arts » Musical groups
United States SARS Suspicious Activity Reporting System Governmental » Policies & Programs
China SASAC State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Governmental » Firms & Organizations
United States SASAC South Austin Senior Activity Center Governmental » Policies & Programs
United Kingdom SASAC South Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide SASE Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope Business » Business Terms
Worldwide SASE Self Amplified Spontaneous Emission Academic & Science » Physics
Worldwide SASER Sound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Technology » Tech Terms
South Africa SASOL South African Synthetic Oil Limited Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide Sass Syntactically awesome style sheets Computing » Internet
China SASS Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Academic & Science » Research & Development
Worldwide SASS Single Action Shooting Society Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
United States SASS Schools and Staffing Survey Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions