Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
India KCYM Kerala Catholic Youth Movement Associations & Organizations » Religious Organizations
India KCZMA Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide KDE K Desktop Environment Computing » Software & Applications
India KEAM Kerala Engineering, Architecture, Medical Academic & Science » Exams & Tests
United States KEEP Kidney Early Evaluation Program Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
Worldwide Kelloggs named after Kellogg brothers Business » Companies & Corporations
India KELSA Kerala State Legal Services Authority Governmental » Departments & Agencies
India KELTRON Kerala + Electronics Governmental » Firms & Organizations
United States Kenworth named after the two principal stockholders, Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington Business » Companies & Corporations
South Korea KEPCO Korea Electric Power Corporation Governmental » Firms & Organizations
Japan KEPCO Kansai Electric Power Company Business » Companies & Corporations
India KEPCO Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation Governmental » Firms & Organizations
India Kerala from the Malayalam word Keralam (kera + alam), which means “the land of coconuts” Regional » States & Districts
Worldwide KERNAL Keyboard Entry Read, Network, And Link Computing » Software & Applications
India KESCo Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Business » Companies & Corporations
India KFC Kerala Financial Corporation Governmental » Firms & Organizations
India KFC Kerala Flood Cess Governmental » Rules & Regulations
United Kingdom KFC Keith Football Club Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
Kenya KFC Kenya Flower Council Associations & Organizations » Trade Associations
India KFPA Kannada Film Producers Association Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
India KFPA Kerala Film Producers Association Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide kg Kilogram Academic & Science » Units
Worldwide KG KinderGarten Academic & Science » Daycare & Preschool
United States KG Kevin Garnett Society & Culture » Celebrities & Famous