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What does TLC mean?

Triple-Level Cell (TLC) is a type of NAND flash memory. TLC memory stores three bits in each cell. By storing even more bits per cell, a Triple-level Cell memory card will achieve slower transfer speeds, higher error rates, and lower cell endurance than both Multi-level Cell and Single-level Cell memory cards. The advantages of Triple-level Cell memory are that the memory chip will be physically smaller than SLC and MLC chips for given memory capacity, it requires less power to operate than MLC memory and is cheaper to produce. TLC flash technology is used mostly in low-end memory devices where speed and reliability are not important.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of TLC?

The full form of TLC is Triple-Level Cell

What is the full form of TLC in Computing?

Triple-Level Cell

What are the full forms of TLC in Worldwide?

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