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What does RREQ mean?

When one node needs to send a message to another node for which it does not already have a route it broadcasts a Route Request (RREQ) message. By sending RREQ the node is asking the network how to get to the destination. When RREQ message arrives at its destination, a “Route Reply” (RREP) message will immediately get passed back to the origin, indicating that a route to the destination was found. The RREQ message contains several key bits of information like the source, the destination, the lifespan of the message, broadcast ID etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of RREQ?

The full form of RREQ is Route Request

What is the full form of RREQ in Computing?

Route Request

What is the full form of RREQ in Worldwide?

Route Request


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