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What does M&M mean?

M&M's M&M’s are small colorful button-shaped milk candies with the letter “m” printed in lower case on each candy with vegetable dye. The name M&M is from Forrest Mars, who developed them and Bruce Murrie, his business partner of the time. Forrest Mars invented the recipe for M&Ms chocolate during the Spanish Civil War where is saw soldiers eating pieces of chocolate covered with a hard sugary coating, preventing the candies from melting. Forrest Mars received a patent for his manufacturing process on March 3, 1941. Later Forrest Mars bought Murrie out, gaining complete control over the candy.

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What is the full form of M&M Candies (Name Origin)?

The full form of M&M is Mars & Murrie

What are the full forms of M&M in Business?

Mars & Murrie | Mahindra & Mahindra

What is the full form of M&M in Worldwide?

Mars & Murrie


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