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What does LiFi mean?

Light Fidelity (LiFi) is a wireless optical networking technology that uses visible light from LED for data transmission. Unlike infrared-based systems, Visible Light Communication involves transmitting data using light visible to the human eye. LiFi work by flickering light at a rapid-fire rate, invisible to the human eye. To connect to a Li-Fi network, devices must be equipped with the capability to recognize the LED light signals and use them to transfer data. A unique security aspect of Visible Light Communication (VLC) is that it works only when the device has a line of sight to the light transmitter. Light cannot penetrate walls as radio signals can, so drive-by hacking of wireless internet signals would be far more difficult.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of LiFi?

The full form of LiFi is Light Fidelity

What is the full form of LiFi in Technology?

Light Fidelity

What is the full form of LiFi in Worldwide?

Light Fidelity


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