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What does LNB mean?

Low Noise Block-downconverter (LNB), sometimes also known as Low Noise Converter (LNC), is the receiving device of a parabolic satellite dish antenna of the type commonly used for satellite TV reception. Low Noise refers the the quality of the first stage input amplifier, which amplifies the weak signal while adding the minimum possible amount of noise to the signal. The term ‘Block’ refers to the conversion of higher block (band) of microwave frequencies received from the satellite being down converted to a lower block range of frequencies for the receiver.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of LNB?

The full form of LNB is Low Noise Block-downconverter

What is the full form of LNB in Academic & Science?

Low Noise Block-downconverter

What is the full form of LNB in Worldwide?

Low Noise Block-downconverter


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