Definition : Head-Up Tilt Test
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What does HUTT mean?

Head-Up Tilt Test (HUTT) or Tilt Table Test (TTT) or Head Up Tilt Table (HUTT) Test, is a noninvasive test usually used to diagnose why the patient feel faint, lightheaded or completely pass out. HUTT evaluates how the brain, heart and blood vessels cooperate to control blood pressure and heart rate. The patient’s blood pressure and heart rate are recorded every minute, while the patient is tilted in a head-up position on a table at varying levels. The arrangement in HUTT allows a person to change from a lying position to a standing position. The test measures how the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate respond to the force of gravity while lying on a table that is slowly tilted upward at an angle of 60 to 80 degrees.