Definition : Fachkreis Automobil German [Automobile Expert Group]
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What does FAKRA mean?

FAKRA Connector is an automotive-grade connector that meets the mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.
FAKRA is short for Fachkreis Automobil, which can be translated as Automobile Expert Group.
FAKRA was originally established in Germany as a way to standardize interfaces for coaxial interconnections in automobile applications. It has since become adopted as a global standard.
FARKA Connectors are based on the SubMiniature version B (SMB) connector type and can operate up to 6 GHz. The connectors are embedded within a plastic housing with a locking feature with an audible clicking noise that confirms the connection and is available in different mechanical layouts which are color-coded for easy identification and mismatching prevention.
FARKA connectors are used to connect coaxial cables to receivers/transceivers located in the vehicle for GPS, satellite radio, cellular communications, and some FM signals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of FAKRA Connector?

The full form of FAKRA is Fachkreis Automobil

What is the full form of FAKRA in Technology?

Fachkreis Automobil

What is the full form of FAKRA in Worldwide?

Fachkreis Automobil


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