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What does CJC mean?

CJC means Cold Junction Compensation. Thermocouples operate on the principle that dissimilar metals generate a voltage when in contact with one another. Each combination of metal yields a known voltage related to the temperature of the junction that can be characterized mathematically. In a measurement system, simply connecting a thermocouple to a data acquisition board or breakout box will add more dissimilar metal junctions, called cold junctions, to your circuit that may skew your measurement. Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) removes the effect of the voltages generated by these cold junctions for more accurate temperature measurement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of CJC in Thermocouples?

The full form of CJC is Cold Junction Compensation

What are the full forms of CJC in Academic & Science?

Christ Junior College | Cold Junction Compensation | Catholic Junior College

What is the full form of CJC in Worldwide?

Cold Junction Compensation