Popularity Country/ Region Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide XLPE Cross Linked Polyethylene Academic & Science » Chemistry
India XLRI Xavier School of Management Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide XLRI X-Linked Recessive Ichthyosis Medical » Diseases & Conditions
Worldwide XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Computing » File Extensions
Senegal XLS Saint-Louis Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide XML eXtensible Markup Language Computing » Internet
Worldwide XMS Extended Memory Specification Technology » Specifications & Standards
Worldwide XNS Xerox Network Systems Computing » Protocols
Worldwide xoxo Hugs and Kisses Miscellaneous » Chat slang
Worldwide XP EXPerience Computing » Sofware & Applications
Worldwide XP Extreme Programming Computing » Programming & Development
Worldwide XP Xeroderma Pigmentosum Medical » Diseases & Conditions
Worldwide XSLT XML(Extensible Markup Language) Stylesheet Language Transformations Computing » Programming & Development
Worldwide XTML Extensible Telephony Markup Language Computing » Programming & Development
Worldwide XUV Extreme Ultraviolet Academic & Science » Physics
Worldwide XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle Technology » Automotive
Worldwide xvda Xen Virtual Disk A (aka xvd*) Computing » Data Storage
Worldwide XviD backwards for DivX Computing » Codec
Worldwide XXL Double Extra Large Academic & Science » Units
Worldwide XXX Roman numeral for thirty (30) Academic & Science » Mathematics
Worldwide XXX Adult film rating News & Entertainment » Movies & Film
Worldwide XXX a mark of beer strength Society & Culture » Food & Drink
Worldwide XXX No currency transactions Business » Banking
Worldwide xxx Top level domain specifically for the adult entertainment industry Computing » Domain Names (TLD)
Worldwide XXXL Trible Extra Large Academic & Science » Units