Popularity Country/ Region Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide VOB Video Object Computing » File Extensions
Worldwide VOB Versioned Object Base Computing » Databases
Worldwide Vodafone from the words Voice, Data, Phone Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol Computing » Protocols
Worldwide Volkswagen the word Volkswagen means “People’s car” in German Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide Volt named in honor of the Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta Academic & Science » Units
Worldwide VoLTE Voice over Long-Term Evolution Technology » Communication
Worldwide Volvo from the Latin word volvo, which means “I roll” Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide Voxel Volume + element Technology » Display & Graphics
Worldwide VP Vice President Business » Job Titles
Worldwide VP Vice Principal Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide VP Veterinary Pharmacist Business » Job Titles
Worldwide VP Vapor Pressure Academic & Science » Units
Worldwide VPA Valproic Acid Medical » Medicines & Drugs
United States VPA Vermont Principals’ Association Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
Worldwide VPA Voluntary Partnership Agreement Business » Business Terms
India VPA Virtual Payment Address Business » Banking
Vietnam VPA Vietnam People’s Army Governmental » Military
United States VPA Volunteer Pilots Association Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Slovakia VPA Danube Wings Transport & Travel » Airline Codes
United States VPA Veterans Party of America Governmental » Politics
Worldwide VPI Virtual Path Identifier Computing » Networking
Worldwide VPN Virtual Private Network Computing » Internet
Worldwide VPN Ventral Posterior Nucleus Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
Iceland VPN Vopnafjordur Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes