Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
United Kingdom RADAR Royal Association for Disability Rights Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Australia RADAR Rational Assessment of Drugs and Research Medical » Medicines & Drugs
Worldwide Radio Orginated from wireless telegraphy Technology » Instruments & Devices
United Kingdom RAF Royal Air Force Governmental » Military
India RAF Rapid Action Force Governmental » Weapons & Forces
South Africa RAF Road Accident Fund Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks Computing » Data Storage
Worldwide RAID Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment Governmental » Security & Defence
India RAJ Rajkot Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United Arab Emirates RAK Ras Al-Khaimah Regional » States & Districts
Worldwide RAK Ras Al Khaimah Business » Companies & Corporations
Morocco RAK Marrakech Menara Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide RAK Random Act of Kindness Miscellaneous » Chat & Messaging
India RAK Ramkot Railway Station Transport & Travel » IRCTC Station Codes
Worldwide RAM Random Access Memory Computing » General Computing
Morocco RAM Royal Air Maroc Transport & Travel » Airline Codes
Worldwide RAM Rolling Airframe Missile Governmental » Weapons & Forces
United Kingdom RAM Royal Academy of Music Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
New Zealand RAM Residents Action Movement Governmental » Politics
Worldwide RAMDAC Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter Technology » Display & Graphics
Worldwide RAR Roshal ARchive Computing » File Extensions
Worldwide RAR Retinoic Acid Receptor Medical » Biochemistry
Australia RAR Royal Australian Regiment Governmental » Weapons & Forces
Worldwide RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Computing » Protocols
Worldwide RAS Remote Access Services Computing » Networking