Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Canada PCP Primary Care Paramedic Medical » Healthcare
Paraguay PCP Partido Comunista Paraguayo Governmental » Politics
Peru PCP Partido Comunista Peruano Governmental » Politics
Worldwide PCP Person-Centred Planning Medical » Healthcare
Worldwide PCP Put–Call Parity Business » Finance
Spain PCP Partit Català Proletari Governmental » Politics
Puerto Rico PCP Partido Comunista Puertorriqueño Governmental » Politics
United States PCP Personal Choice Party Governmental » Politics
Worldwide PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction Technology » Medical
Romania PCR Partidul Comunist Român Governmental » Politics
Worldwide PCR Peak Cell Rate Technology » Communication
Colombia PCR Germán Olano Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United States PCR Pacific Coast Regional Corporation Business » Companies & Corporations
France PCR Parti Communiste Réunionnais Governmental » Politics
Worldwide PCr Phosphocreatine Academic & Science » Chemistry
United Kingdom PCR Primary Care Rheumatology Society Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
Worldwide PCS Personal Communication Services Technology » Communication
United States PCS Permanent Change of Station Governmental » Military
United States PCS Pinellas County Schools Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
India PCS Provincial Civil Services Academic & Science » Exams & Tests
United Kingdom PCS Public and Commercial Services Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide PCS Post-Concussion Syndrome Medical » Diseases & Conditions
Worldwide PCS Physical Coding Sublayer Computing » Networking
Worldwide PCS Precordial Catch Syndrome Medical » Diseases & Conditions
India PCSJ People’s Council for Social Justice Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations