Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide OOO Out of Office Business » Business Management
United States Ooo Alturas Municipal Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide OOP Object-Oriented Programming Computing » Programming & Development
Worldwide OOPS Out Of Phase Stereo Technology » Tech Terms
Worldwide OOPS Out of Paper Sensor Computing » Hardware
Worldwide OOTD Outfit Of The Day Miscellaneous » Hashtags
Worldwide OOTD Offer of the Day Business » Marketing
Worldwide OOTN Outfit Of The Night Miscellaneous » Hashtags
Worldwide OOTW Operations Other Than War Governmental » Military
Worldwide OOTW Outfit(s) Of The Week Miscellaneous » Hashtags
Worldwide OP Original Post/Poster Computing » Internet
Worldwide OP One Piece News & Entertainment » Manga & Anime
Worldwide OP Ocean Pacific Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide OP OutPatient Medical » Hospitals
Worldwide OP Optimus Prime Miscellaneous » Fictional
Worldwide Op Opus number Arts » Music
Worldwide OP Ordo Praedicatorum Society & Culture » Religion & Spirituality
Worldwide OP OverPowered Computing » Games & Entertainment
Worldwide OP Observation Post Governmental » Military
Worldwide OP OrganoPhosphate Academic & Science » Chemistry
Worldwide OP Out of Print Business » Business Terms
Worldwide OP Original Pronunciation Academic & Science » Language & Linguistics
Worldwide OP Operational Planning Business » Business Terms
Finland OP OsuusPankki Business » Banking
Worldwide OP Orange Pekoe Society & Culture » Food & Drink