Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide LCO League of Legends Circuit Oceania Sports & Games » eSports
United Kingdom LCO Legislative Competence Order Governmental » Law & Legal
United States LCO Libraries Connect Ohio Computing » Internet
Lithuania LCO Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra Arts » Musical groups
United Kingdom LCO London Chamber Orchestra Arts » Musical groups
Worldwide LCO LipoChitin Oligosaccharide Academic & Science » Biology
United Kingdom LCO London Contemporary Orchestra Arts » Musical groups
Worldwide LCP Liquid-Crystal Polymer Academic & Science » Chemistry
Worldwide LCP Link Control Protocol Computing » Protocols
Worldwide LCP Linear Complementarity Problem Academic & Science » Mathematics
Worldwide LCP Largest Contentful Paint Computing » Programming & Development
European Union LCP Large Combustion Plant Technology » Energy & Recycling
Worldwide LCP Left Circular Polarization Academic & Science » Physics
Worldwide LCP Licensed Clinical Psychologist Medical » Healthcare
Worldwide LCP Light Compensation Point Academic & Science » Biology
Worldwide LCP Longest Common Prefix Computing » General Computing
United Kingdom LCP Lane Clark & Peacock Business » Companies & Corporations
Lebanon LCP Lebanese Communist Party Governmental » Politics
France LCP La Chaîne Parlementaire News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide LCP Least-Cost Planning Business » Business Terms
Worldwide LCP Little Computer People Computing » Games & Entertainment
Canada LCP Live-in Caregiver Program Governmental » Policies & Programs
Worldwide LCP Le Chatelier's Principle Academic & Science » Chemistry
Worldwide LCP Latvijas Centrālā Padome Governmental » Politics
United States LCP Library Company of Philadelphia Regional » Buildings & Landmarks