Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
United States IA Indiana Academy Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide IA InstallAnywhere Computing » Software & Applications
Worldwide IA Industrial Archaeology Academic & Science » History & Geography
Worldwide IA Internet Archaeology News & Entertainment » Journals & Publications
China IA Institute of Archaeology Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide IAA Indole 3 Acetic Acid Trees & Plants » Hormones & Nutritions
Germany IAA Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung Associations & Organizations » Conferences & Events
Israel IAA Israel Antiquities Authority Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Bahrain IAA Information Affairs Authority Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide IAA International Actuarial Association Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
United States IAA Indianapolis Airport Authority Transport & Travel » Air Transport
Israel IAA Israel Airports Authority Governmental » Firms & Organizations
Ireland IAA Irish Aviation Authority Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide IAA International Academy of Astronautics Academic & Science » Astronomy & Space Science
United Kingdom IAA Independent Ambulance Association Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
Bulgaria IAA International Academy of Architecture Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
Worldwide IaaS Infrastructure as a Service Computing » Internet
Worldwide IaaS Information as a Service Business » Business Terms
Worldwide IaaS Integration as a Service Computing » Internet
Nepal IAAS Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Belgium IAAS International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences Associations & Organizations » Educational Organizations
Belgium IAAS International Association for Ambulatory Surgery Associations & Organizations » Medical Organizations
India IAAS Indian Audit and Accounts Service Governmental » Departments & Agencies
United Kingdom IAAS Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
United Kingdom IAAS Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations