Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Vietnam HCMC Ho Chi Minh City Regional » Towns & Cities
Greece HCMC Hellenic Capital Market Commission Business » Finance
United States HCMC Hennepin County Medical Center Medical » Hospitals
Worldwide HCV Hepatitis C Virus Medical » Viruses & Bacteria
Worldwide HCV Heavy Commercial Vehicle Transport & Travel » Land Transport
Worldwide HCV Higher Calorific Value Academic & Science » Chemistry
Cape Verde HCV Halcyonair Transport & Travel » Airline Codes
Worldwide HCV High Conservation Value Regional » Landscapes
United States HCV Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle Transport & Travel » Air Transport
Australia HCV Housing Commission of Victoria Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide HD High Definition Technology » Display & Graphics
Worldwide HD-DVD High Definition/Density Digital Versatile/Video Disc Computing » Data Storage
Canada HDCL Hamilton and District Cricket League Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
Worldwide HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection Technology » Specifications & Standards
Worldwide HDD Hard Disk Drive Computing » Hardware
Worldwide HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Academic & Science » Architecture & Constructions
Worldwide HDF High Density Fiberboard Academic & Science » Architecture & Constructions
Germany HDF Heringsdorf Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide HDF Hierarchical Data Format Computing » File Extensions
United Kingdom HDF Hadfield Transport & Travel » Railway Station Codes
Worldwide HDF Hereditary Disease Foundation Associations & Organizations » Non-Profit Organizations
Lebanon HDF Hôtel-Dieu de France Medical » Hospitals
Hungary HDF Hungarian Defence Forces Governmental » Military
Worldwide HDF Hubble Deep Field Academic & Science » Astronomy & Space Science
Worldwide HDF Hydrodefluorination Academic & Science » Chemistry