Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
United Kingdom GAD Government Actuary’s Department Governmental » Departments & Agencies
China GAD General Armaments Department Governmental » Military
Philippines gad Gaddang Regional » Language Codes
Worldwide GAD Global Account Director Business » Job Titles
Worldwide GAD Geocentric Axial Dipole Academic & Science » Physics
Philippines GAD Grand Alliance for Democracy Governmental » Politics
United States GAD Northeast Alabama Regional Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Germany GAD Society for Automatic Data Processing Business » Companies & Corporations
India GAIL Gas Authority of India Limited Governmental » Firms & Organizations
Worldwide GAMS General Algebraic Modeling System Computing » Programming & Development
Australia GAMS The Grant Application Management System Academic & Science » Research & Development
Worldwide GaN Gallium Nitride Academic & Science » Electronics
Worldwide GAN Generative Adversarial Network Computing » Programming & Development
Worldwide GAN Generic Access Network Technology » Communication
Sweden GAN Gösta Adrian-Nilsson Society & Culture » Celebrities & Famous
United States GAN Great American Novel Academic & Science » Language & Linguistics
Maldives GAN Gan International Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Switzerland GAN Global Apprenticeship Network Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Argentina GAN Gran Acuerdo Nacional Governmental » Politics
France GAN Groupe des Assurances Nationales Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide GAN Giant Axonal Neuropathy Medical » Diseases & Conditions
Nepal GAN Global Action Nepal Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide GAN Global Arab Network Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide Gap the name originated from the phrase “the generation gap” Business » Companies & Corporations
United States GAP Government Accountability Project Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations