Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
India FCI Food Corporation of India Governmental » Departments & Agencies
France FCI Framatome Connectors International Business » Companies & Corporations
United States FCI Federal Correctional Institution Governmental » Police
India FCI Food Craft Institute Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
India FCNR Foreign Currency Non-Resident Business » Banking
Worldwide FCP Final Cut Pro Computing » Software & Applications
Worldwide FCP Fracture Closure Pressure Academic & Science » Geology
Worldwide FCP First Contentful Paint Computing » Internet
Worldwide FCP Fibre Channel Protocol Computing » Protocols
Worldwide FCP Fonds Commun de Placement Business » Finance
United States FCP Federal Capital Partners Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide FCP Full Court Press Sports & Games » Basketball
Canada FCP Federal Contractors’ Program Governmental » Policies & Programs
Canada FCP Forward Consolidation Point Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Canada FCP Family Coalition Party Governmental » Politics
United States FCP Fairfax County Parkway Transport & Travel » Land Transport
United States FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act Governmental » Law & Legal
India FCRA Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Governmental » Rules & Regulations
Worldwide FCS Fetal Calf Serum Academic & Science » Research & Development
Worldwide FCS Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Academic & Science » Chemistry
United States FCS Football Championship Subdivision Sports & Games » Football
Worldwide FCS Frame Check Sequence Computing » Networking
Worldwide FCS Family and Consumer Sciences Academic & Science » Courses
Worldwide FCS Facultad de Ciencias Sociales Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Germany FCS Fußball-Club Saarbrücken Sports & Games » Football