Popularity Country/ Region Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
India BAU Birsa Agricultural University Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Brazil BAU Bauru Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Academic & Science » Academic Degrees
United States BBA British Bankers Association Associations & Organizations » Trade Associations
India BBA Baroda Bar Association Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
United States BBA Boston Bar Association Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
Chile BBA Teniente Vidal Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide BBB Better Business Bureau Associations & Organizations » Trade Associations
Worldwide BBB Blood–Brain Barrier Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
United States BBB Beta Beta Beta Associations & Organizations » Educational Organizations
Brazil BBB Big Brother Brasil News & Entertainment » TV & Radio
Worldwide BBB Baseball Bat Sports & Games » Baseball
Worldwide BBB Banker’s Blanket Bond Business » Banking
Papua New Guinea bbb Barai Regional » Language Codes
Japan BBB Black Blood Brothers News & Entertainment » Journals & Publications
Worldwide BBB BlackBerry Bold Technology » Instruments & Devices
United States BBB Bed Bath & Beyond Business » Companies & Corporations
Japan BBB Base Ball Bear News & Entertainment » Music
Worldwide BBB Bundle Branch Block Medical » Diseases & Conditions
Worldwide BBB Before Breaking Bulk Transport & Travel » Shipping
United States BBB Birmingham Black Barons Sports & Games » Baseball
United States BBB Bikes Blues and Barbecue Sports & Games » Motorsports
United Kingdom BBB Bollywood Brass Band News & Entertainment » Music
Canada BBB Big Blue Bubble Business » Companies & Corporations
Germany BBB Bad Boys Blue News & Entertainment » Music