Popularity Country/ Region Term Full Form | Definition | Meaning Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide BCM Bank Cubic Metre Academic & Science » Units
Romania BCM George Enescu International Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide BCM Billion Cubic Microns Technology » Imaging & Printing
United States BCM Boots Contract Manufacturing Business » Companies & Corporations
Mongolia BCM Business Council of Mongolia Associations & Organizations » Trade Associations
Worldwide BCM Bromochloromethane Academic & Science » Chemistry
South Africa BCM Buffalo City Municipality Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Morocco BCM Banque Commerciale du Maroc Business » Banking
India BCM Bishop Choolaparambil Memorial Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
United Kingdom BCM Bays Curry McCowen Business » Companies & Corporations
Thailand BCM Bangkok Can Manufacturing Business » Companies & Corporations
Spain BCN Barcelona El Prat Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United Kingdom BCN Birmingham Canal Navigations Regional » Buildings & Landmarks
Australia BCNA Breast Cancer Network Australia Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Canada BCNA British Columbia Naturopathic Association Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
India BCNA Bogie Covered Watertight wagon with cast steel bogie & Air brake Transport & Travel » Rail Transport
Worldwide BCom Bachelor of Commerce Academic & Science » Academic Degrees
Worldwide BCOM British College of Osteopathic Medicine Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide BCS British Computer Society Associations & Organizations » Professional Associations
United States BCS Bowl Championship Series Sports & Games » American Football
Worldwide BCS Body Condition Score Animal Kingdom » Pets & Domesticated
Worldwide BCS Bachelor of Computer Science Academic & Science » Academic Degrees
Bangladesh BCS Bangladesh Civil Service Governmental » Departments & Agencies
United States BCS Southern Seaplane Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United Kingdom BCS British Crime Survey Governmental » Census & Statistics