Definition : Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire French [Priority Intervention Zone]
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What does ZIP mean?

Priority Intervention Zone (French: Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire, ZIP) is a specific urban or suburban area that has been designated as a priority zone for various government interventions and development initiatives.

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United States ZIP Zone Improvement Plan
Worldwide ZIP Zone Information Protocol
Worldwide ZIP Zigzag Inline Package
Academic & Science
Worldwide ZIP Zone Industrielle Portuaire
[Port Industrial Zone]
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Water Transport
Belgium ZIP Zone d'Initiative Privilégiée
[Privileged Initiative Zone]
Policies & Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of ZIP in Governmental?

The full form of ZIP is Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire

What are the full forms of ZIP in Governmental?

Zone Improvement Plan | Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire | Zone d'Initiative Privilégiée

What are the full forms of ZIP in Worldwide?

Zone Information Protocol | Zigzag Inline Package | Zone d'Intervention Prioritaire | Zone Industrielle Portuaire


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