Popularity Country Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
Slovakia VPA Danube Wings Transport & Travel » Airline Codes
United States VPA Veterans Party of America Governmental » Politics
Worldwide VPI Virtual Path Identifier Computing » Networking
Worldwide VPN Virtual Private Network Computing » Networking
Worldwide VPN Ventral Posterior Nucleus Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
Iceland VPN Vopnafjordur Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United States VPOTUS Vice President of the United States Governmental » Titles
United States VPP Voluntary Protection Program Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide VPP Virtual Power Plant Academic & Science » Electrical
Worldwide VPP Vehicle Purchase Protection Business » Services
India VPP Value Payable Post Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Worldwide Vpp Peak-to-Peak voltage Academic & Science » Electronics
Worldwide VPS Virtual Private Server Computing » Internet
Worldwide VRLA Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery Academic & Science » Electronics
Worldwide VRM Voltage Regulator Module Computing » Hardware
Worldwide VRM Vendor Relationship Management Business » Business Terms
India VRM Virtual Reservation Message Transport & Travel » Rail Transport
Worldwide VRM Viscous Remanent Magnetization Academic & Science » Physics
Worldwide VRM Variable Rate Mortgage Business » Banking
New Zealand VRM Vendor Refill Management Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language Computing » File Extensions
Worldwide VRS Video Relay Service Technology » Communication
India VRS Voluntary Retirement Scheme Business » Business Terms
United States VRS Virginia Retirement System Governmental » Policies & Programs
United States VRS Versailles Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes