Popularity Country Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
Worldwide SC Schmidt number Academic & Science » Mechanical
Canada SC Statutes of Canada Governmental » Law & Legal
Worldwide SC Standard Chartered Business » Banking
India SC Scheduled Caste Regional » Community
Worldwide SC Stratum Corneum Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
Worldwide SC Subscriber Connector Computing » Networking
Worldwide SC Surface Combatants Governmental » Military
Canada SC Student Connections Governmental » Policies & Programs
United States SC Sterling College Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide SC Supercalendered Miscellaneous » Stationery
Worldwide SC Synchronous Condenser Academic & Science » Electrical
Japan SC Sumitomo Corporation Business » Companies & Corporations
Worldwide SC Superior Colliculus Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
Worldwide SC Sternoclavicular joint Medical » Anatomy & Physiology
Worldwide SC Straddle Carrier Transport & Travel » Shipping
India SC Satyawati College Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
Worldwide SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technology » Robotics & Automation
United States SCADA South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association Associations & Organizations » Business Associations
United States SCADA Southern California Asian Deaf Association Associations & Organizations » Non-Profit Organizations
Worldwide SCAN Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Medical » Paediatrics & Child Health
Worldwide SCAP Security Content Automation Protocol Computing » Security
United Kingdom SCAP Scottish Charity Appeals Panel Governmental » Departments & Agencies
Japan SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers Governmental » Titles
Worldwide SCAP SREBP Cleavage-Activating Protein Medical » Biochemistry
United States SCAP Supervisory Capital Assessment Program Business » Finance