Popularity Country Term Definition Main Category Subcategory
India BDO Block Development Office Governmental » Departments & Agencies
United Kingdom BDO British Darts Organisation Associations & Organizations » Sports & Recreation Organizations
Worldwide BDO 1,4-Butanediol Academic & Science » Chemistry
Indonesia BDO Bandung, Indonesia Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
Worldwide BDR Bad Debts Reserve Business » Finance
Worldwide BDR Backup Designated Router Computing » Networking
Worldwide BDR Bilateral Digit Reduction Animal Kingdom » Wildlife
Worldwide Bdr Bombardier Governmental » Military
United States BDR Sikorsky Memorial Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
United States BDR Blonder Tongue Labs Inc. Business » NYSE Symbols
Worldwide BDRip BluRay Disk Rip Computing » Compression & Encoding
Worldwide BDS Bachelor Of Dental Surgery Academic & Science » Courses
Italy BDS Brindisi Airport Transport & Travel » Airport Codes
China BDS BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Technology » General
United States BDS Boeing Defense, Space & Security Business » Companies & Corporations
Norway BDS Bergenske Dampskibsselskab [ Bergen Steamship Company] Business » Companies & Corporations
Netherlands BDS BioDetection Systems Business » Companies & Corporations
United Kingdom BDS British Dragonfly Society Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Worldwide BDS Broadcast Data Systems Business » Services
Switzerland BDS Bund der Steuerzahler [Federation of Taxpayers] Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Brazil BDS Bonde da Stronda Arts » Musical groups
Japan BDS Black Dragon Society Associations & Organizations » Regional Organizations
Austria BDS Bund Demokratischer Sozialisten [League of Democratic Socialists] Governmental » Politics
Argentina BDS Belgrano Day School Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions
United States BDS Bryant–Denny Stadium Regional » Buildings & Landmarks